Miss Meredith

Miss Meredith is a funky and spacey alter-ego played by talkbox-player, singer and keyboardist Chelsea Laverne. Meredith is fleeing to another universe with an alienesque funk Talkbox oracle: 'Herb, Reau, Quai, Ledi and Chaka', leading her the way. Frustrated by all the bad things that happening on earth she is trying find her way in another universe.

Miss Meredith

News!!! ✨️ 28.06 ✨️ Wauw! ♥️
I have an announcement to make, finaly after all these years: I will release My DEBUT Single!! : Place Beside The Earth on the 28th of June!! 👽
Its time to share my personal work and story. ⚜️
This music is about wanting to flee from all the atrocities that take place on earth. Finding it elsewhere and searching for another safe place beside Earth in the universe. But, is it the solution?
You can pre-save the song, in the link under this text. 
The 28th of june it will be out there, send into the real world!!
After 5 years living in my head and laptop 🌞
3D Artwork by: Roel Deden

Miss Meredith is the musician name of Chelsea Laverne. Meredith is an alien alter ego that allows Chelsea to be completely musically herself. The music is funky, otherworldly and takes you to new worlds outside the earth and sometimes to places in the core of the earth where no human has been before. Where the alien and unknown live. 👽


-  Miss Meredith - 1 Juli - TryOut - Pletterij Haarlem, The Netherlands.